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Our Services

Diagnostic Imaging: X-Ray / MRI / CAT Scan

At Bode Chiropractic Center part of your complete physical examination includes X-ray analysis. We take all necessary X-rays in our office. We feel that if we are going to adjust the articulations of your skeletal system, we better know what those structures look like and how they are positioned before we do so. This is vitally important in the effectiveness and efficiency of care; as well as for the safety of our patients. Personally speaking, cancers and aneurysms have been first discovered in our office.

Should Dr. Bode deem it necessary from the X-ray findings, we will take care of any referral requiring futher diagnostics of MRI or CAT Scan.

X-rays, MRI and Cat Scans Aberdeen, NC chiropractic office. Justin W. Bode, DC will evaluate these scans in order to formulate the best program for you.